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The Northern Cape Project (2018 - 2024): Reaching All Grade R Learners

Supported by

  • Northern Cape Department of Education
  • Rural Namaqualand Education Trust
  • DGMT
  • Chief Rabbi CK Harris Memorial Foundation
  • Maid Foundation | Lubners


Very good programme. It helps the learners who need intervention. It makes them good communicators, gives them self-confidence, and makes them think.

Thanks for empowering us to enrich the lives of hundreds and thousands of lives of learners especially the lives of those with special needs who are so often forgotten.

The BCP is very good because it helps my learners to concentrate, speak confidently and know about things inside the classroom. It also helps me to know how to say things (to my learners) inside the classroom.

I love basic concepts because I have gained more information/knowledge and it is integrated with mathematics, home language and life skill. Big-up DOC and thanks for such an interesting lesson today.

The BCP is about the way we talk to the children in class and how we give lessons in class. How we should introduce a topic to the children and mediate with them.

I have never been to such a training. I was motivated and I can't wait to implement at the ECD and I hope I'll be doing my best!

The training was very interesting and empowering and broadens our thinking.

Basic Concepts is helping us and our children very much… we have learned so much to the (point) where every child can speak for him/herself.

Dr Louis Benjamin you are brilliant and always clear. Thank you for your patience and for the support.

Ek waardeer alles wat Dr Louis ons geleer het. Daar is soveel dinge wat ek nie geweet het nie, bv. hoe om ons kinders te help leer. You are a star, thank you for your time. 

The workshop helped me to understand how to work with the children in the classroom. I also learnt how to ask open-ended questions that will encourage my learners to think and to ask more questions.

Die Basiese Konsepte Program het my self vertroue weer op gebou. My taal gebruik en my manier van dinge doen het ook verander. Ek is baie bly en gelukking om deel uit te maak van die Basiese Konsepte Program.

Basic concept is about improving teaching methods, language and the learning processes of our learners.



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Project Details
Start Date: 
2018 to 2024
No. of Learners: 
No. of Teachers: 
No. of Sites: 
Grade Level(s): 
Grade R
Area of Intervention: 
Northern Cape Province, South Africa


The project aims to bring the Basic Concepts Programme to Grade R classes in all 5 districts of the Northern Cape.

The BCP is to become an integral aspect of the Grade R curriculum as well as pedagogy in the Northern Cape.

The roll-out of the programme in the province is a partnership between the Northern Cape Department of Education (NCDOE), Basic Concepts Unlimited (BCU) and the Rural Namaqualand Education Trust (RNET).

The project will progressively increase the number of teacher-mediators of the programme in the province.  Approximately 100 new teachers will be trained every two years over the next 6 years.

The NCDOE will be responsible for the monitoring and support of the programme as well as the maintenance and continuation of the approach in schools in the province.


The project aims to improve the school preparedness of the project learners by 50%, thereby improving the overall LITNUM competencies of learners in the Foundation Phase.

The project will be evaluated and data collected during the entire process (2018-2023).

A representative (10%, n=720) sample of learners will be selected from each of the districts that participate in the project.

Pre-intervention and post-intervention data will be gathered from the project learners at the start of the project and at the end.

The intention is to produce a peer-reviewed academic paper at the end of the project.


Project Documents

Project Photos

  • Dr Wolfson Creche
  • Floors Primary School
  • Molehabangwe Primary School
  • Staat Primary School
  • Olympic Primary
  • Homevale Primary
  • Pescodia Primary
  • Tshwarelela Primary School
  • West End Primary School
  • Kareeville Primary, Pixely Kaseme
  • St John's Primary School, Pixley Kaseme
  • Alpha Primary School, Pixley Kaseme
  • Colesberg Primary School, Pixley Kaseme
  • Colesberg Primary School, Pixley Kaseme
  • Van Rensberg Primary, Pixley Kaseme
  • SS Madikane Primary, Pixley Kaseme
  • John Rossouw Primary, Pixley Kaseme
  • Victoria West Combined, Pixley Kaseme
  • Wrenchville Primary School, JTG
  • Wrenchville Primary School, JTG
  • Deben Primary School, JTG
  • Tswelelopele ECD, JTG
  • Deben Primary School, JTG
  • Moraladi Primary School, JTG
  • Robanyane Primary School, JTG
  • Robanyane Primary School, JTG
  • Robanyane Primary School, JTG
  • Maruping Pirmary School, JTG
  • Segonyana Primary School, JTG
  • Segonyana Primary School, JTG
  • Hotazel Combined School, JTG
  • Grade R class of Hotazel...at another site
  • Ipetlontle ECD Centre
  • Ipetlontle ECD Centre
  • Masakhane Day Care Centre
  • Mahikaneng Primary School
  • Legae La Bana
  • Legae La Bana
  • Olarato Day Care Centre
  • Glenred Primary School
  • Glenred Primary School
  • Noordkaap Primary
  • Wrenchville
  • Wrenchville
  • Debin, Community Site
  • Debin Primary
  • Debin Primary
  • Rabonyane Primary
  • Rabonyane Primary
  • Provincial & District Officials (Dips, Ruth and Olga)
  • District officials and Volunteers
  • Training: Session 1+2
  • Training: Session 1+2
  • Training: Session 1+2
  • Training: Session 1+2
  • Maralodi Primary
  • Training: Session 1
  • Training: Session 1+2
  • Debin, Community Site