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Every child deserves a quality education.

Our pledge at Basic Concepts: to empower teachers in the most challenging locations to be better equipped for delivering this promise.

With government recognition as a verifiable approach, and with your partnership, we will continue to provide training, mentoring and support to teachers, transforming early childhood learning and equipping educators for success.

We embarked on this effort across South Africa, whilst positioning ourselves for sustainable growth - to meet the needs of thousands of schools, teachers and students in need.

Join us in this essential effort.

Donations to the Basic Concepts Foundation are tax deductible in the US, Canada and South Africa. You may also dedicate your gift.

All donations are welcome, but please consider the following per teacher costings:

Basic Concepts Materials
R1800 | $100
Mentoring and Supporting a BC Teacher (x1year)
R2900 | $155
Training a Basic Concepts Teacher
R5500 | $295
Total Per Teacher
R10 200 | $550

If you're a North American looking to make tax-deductible donations in compliance with IRS and US tax legislation, click here