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Northern Cape Project (Phase 3 | ZFM): Support Visit 4 - May 2024 (Position)

Feedback from Support Visit 4

This was an official visit conducted by the Basic Concepts Foundation and Local District Officials to 17 project schools from 20-24 May 2024.

A total of 38 teachers were visited at the project schools, with an average duration of 50 minutes per visit.

The primary goal of the fourth round of visits was to assist teachers to initiate the conceptual domain of position inside the classroom.

All the teachers at the schools visited conducted demonstration sessions and received mentoring during their sessions.

87% of the teachers recevied ratings of either average or good or excellent, while only one teacher (13%) was rated as poor.

Teachers provided feedback after the visits and unanimously rated the visits as 'very helpful' on four criteria (see above).

The following verbatim comments were provided by teachers about the visits:-

'I enjoyed how the BCP team help me to understand how to teach the children bottom and top and they loved how Doc showed us this, he really help me to do better, thanks DOC i really appreciate it.'

'The basic concepts programme support is good. There is no need for a better improvement, every visit so far has been impressive.'

'The visits are very helpful and supportive and it helps us to work harder in order for our kids to develop in a focused way, you feel more comfortable to present the six steps of basic concepts, every visit is better, we are also thankful for Dr. Benjamin.'