Very good programme. It helps the learners who need intervention. It makes them good communicators, gives them self-confidence, and makes them think.

Thanks for empowering us to enrich the lives of hundreds and thousands of lives of learners especially the lives of those with special needs who are so often forgotten.

The Basic Concepts Programme- Making A Difference

The BCP is very good because it helps my learners to concentrate, speak confidently and know about things inside the classroom.

I love basic concepts because I have gained more information/knowledge and it is integrated with mathematics, home language and life skill.

I have enjoyed the BCP online training. I do think it was of great benefit as I have learned new approaches to help children learn.

The Basic Concepts Programme© is a holistic and developmentally orientated metacognitive intervention programme for young children who experience language, information processing and socio-emotional barriers towards learning.

Basic Concepts Unlimited partners with communities, local education structures and other organizations on a project-by-project basis.

Become a mediator of the Basic Concepts Programme© and explore the materials used for cognitive development.


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