Basic Concepts Programme Materials

The materials have been specially designed for the programme. They have been carefully selected to assist with the enhancement of cognitive development in younger children.

The Basic Concepts Programme Materials include: -

  • Cognitive Tool Kit + Picture Set
  • Mediator Manual



Material Contents & Purchase Options

Thank you for introducing me to this "life skill". It is wonderful that there is also an online, interactive, support system with resources available. 

Metro Central Training: Western Cape Education Department (October, 2015)

‘All foundation phase educators, esp. Grade R, should attend this workshop. If everyone in the education system uses this BCP model, we should see remarkable improvements in the learners' LIT/NUM over a couple of years.’ (Metro North, 2009)

Teacher Feedback

I understand how I can assist my learners who need intervention. The BCP will boost the self-esteem and knowledge of weak learners. It definitely helps me to guide my learners, using the correct language applicable to the situation.

Metro South Education District: Training (January, 2013)

The BCP is about the way we talk to the children in class and how we give lessons in class. How we should introduce a topic to the children and mediate with them.

Northern Cape Project (Phase 2, 2020-2021): Training Feedback

Before the course, I never focused on the main concepts as I never really thought them essential to "real life" as a speech-language pathologist. I now have a very different perspective on why these aspects are important and how they move cognition forward.


I understand now that teaching is not just standing in front of the class, but a discussion/ dialogue with your children.

Metro South Education District: Teacher Training, May 2014