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Cognitive Tool Kit and Picture Set

Basic Concepts Materials

The Cogntive Tool Kit contains: 

  1. wooden block set (75 pieces)
  2. plastic cube set (120 cubes)
  3. plastic peg set (90 pegs) and wooden position boards (5 boards)
  4. plastic/wooden letters (26 letters) and numbers (10 numbers and 3 operations)

The Picture Set contains:

  1. 13 picture cards
ZAR 1 450.00

Image Gallery

For me the most effective aspect was the basic teaching model.  When I implemented the model I found that my learners were more focussed when I followed the steps of the model.

Ikwezi: Schools Development Unit, July 2014

I now have a broader knowledge of how to teach various concepts and reach all intelligences and learning styles.

Thinking Stars: Teacher Feedback From Training, August 2014

My concern about my learners’ language barriers and how to overcome these barriers has been solved for me.

Metro Central Training: Western Cape Education Department (October, 2015)

I have enjoyed the BCP online training. I do think it was of great benefit as I have learned new approaches to help children learn. I also thought that BCP is also very helpful to children with difficulties as it provides them with concrete experience through manipulating the materials and being asked different questions to help them be aware of their way of thinking. Louis was very thorough and delivered the smallest details to help us understand the method. I found that very helpful and it enabled me to use it with my kids who have a difference in age and needs. I also enjoyed attending the training via Zoom as Louis was very efficient in using different features to make the training practical, fun and enjoyable.


‘Although I have been teaching Grade R for 23 years... I have learnt so much over the past 2 weeks and have already seen a change in most of my learners.’ (Metro Central, 2012)

Teacher Feedback

Teachers use questions that evoke thinking and inquiry, so that the learners are able to discover and experience for themselves.

Metro South Training, Western Cape Education Department, 2015