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Full Material Kit

Basic Concepts Programme Materials

The full material kit includes:

Cogntive Tool Kit

  1. wooden block set (75 pieces)
  2. plastic cube set (120 cubes)
  3. plastic peg set (90 pegs) and wooden position boards (5 boards)
  4. plastic/wooden letters (26 letters) and numbers (10 numbers and 3 operations)

Picture Set

  1. 13 picture cards

Mediator Manual

  1. background and introduction to the programme
  2. a detailed outline of 48 BC Sessions
  3. a set of tools to support the implementation of the programme: recording, evaluating and monitoring sheets
  4. a set of BC Transfer Worksheets
  5. a set of useful Appendices

The manual is available in English and Afrikaans.

ZAR 1 775.00

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The BCP focuses on the learner… where the teacher acts as a mediator, prompts to access logical thinking and develops language.

Metro Central: Training, October 2014

This workshop is one of the most beneficial workshops I have attended. The trainer’s presentation style was warm, easy to follow and understand. I like that he included practical activities, examples and demonstrations.

Metro Central: Training, October 2014

Very informative, well presented, engaging, coherent and thought provoking.

Metro South Training, Western Cape Education Department, 2015

I understand now that teaching is not just standing in front of the class, but a discussion/ dialogue with your children.

Metro South Education District: Teacher Training, May 2014

The sessions were clear, informative, exciting, well presented, practical, logical and relevant to the context of teaching young learners.

Metro Central, October 2013

I now have a broader knowledge of how to teach various concepts and reach all intelligences and learning styles.

Thinking Stars: Teacher Feedback From Training, August 2014