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Northern Cape Project: Teachers' Have Their Say (Nov, 2023)

Teacher Comments (2023): 

We reached out to trained BCP teachers across all districts in the Northern Cape to gather brief feedback about the Basic Concepts Programme.

We were overwhelmed by the spontaneous responses from numerous teachers across the province.

Even more satisfying, was the range and uniqueness of the responses.

Here are a few examples of these responses:-

"BCP aligned perfectly with CAPS, enhancing a child's ability to respond in complete sentences. It notably boosted confidence in slower learners by adapting lessons to their levels, resulting in marked improvement by the fourth term. As a teacher, seeing a positive end from our efforts is crucial, and BCP accomplishes that."

"What an outstanding program! It actively engaged learners while making learning enjoyable. The hands-on activities were a hit with children, especially benefiting slower learners, whose progress was evident by the third term. They can now express themselves fully, and parents noticed their improvements in various areas."

(Click on 'Documents' below for all the teacher comments.)

We have completed a qualitative analysis of the teacher comments and identified 10 main themes:-