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Northern Cape Project (Phase 3 | ZFM): Support Visit 3 (April 2024)

Feedback from Support Visit 3

Visits were conducted by the project volunteer to 16 project schools on the 23, 25, 30 April and the 2nd May.

A total of 35 teachers were visited at the project schools, with an average duration of 40 minutes per visit.

The primary goal of the third round of visits this year was to provide teachers with additional support and to assist with the implementation of size inside the classroom.

Most teachers (87.5%) conducted BC demonstration sessions. Only at two schools did teachers provide feedback on their progress instead of running demonstration sessions.

69% of the teachers recevied ratings of either average or good, while 31% of the teachers received ratings as poor.

In conclusion, although this round of visits indicated a slight decrease in overall engagement among project teachers, we still found the visit to be satisfactory.