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Chullora Public School: Sydney, Australia

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2023 to 2024
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Chullora Public School, Sydney Australia


Chullora Public School, in collaboration with the Bill Crews Foundation, has initiated a project aimed at enhancing the school readiness and academic performance of learners who are in the fourth term of Kindergarten - their first year of school. These children will continue their participation in the project as they transition into Year 1.

The project is being carried out by a Learning Support Teacher, working with a small group of learners who encounter barriers to effective learning.

This project serves as a pilot initiative with the ultimate goal of expanding its scope to include more schools associated with the Bill Crews Foundation in New South Wales and the Northern Territory.

The project's intention is to progressively increase the number of teacher-mediators involved in the programme within the region.

The creator of the Basic Concepts Programme and the Australian-based trainer will be responsible for monitoring, supporting, and ensuring the programme's continuity and maintenance in schools across the area.


  1. We will assess and track learners' readiness for school learning and scholastic performance, comparing the results to baseline measures.

  2. Class teachers of the learners participating in the programme will also be assessed using a Likert Scale questionnaire. These assessments will take place at the beginning of the project and will be repeated semi-annually.

  3. We will collect pre-intervention and post-intervention data from the project's learners at the project's commencement and conclusion.

  4. The learners participating in the programme will undergo continuous monitoring and assessment by their teachers throughout the year, encompassing both formative and summative evaluations.


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