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Chullora Public School, Sydney Australia: Aims and Background Information

Trial of Basic Concepts Programme (BCP)

The Basic Concepts Trial Program (2023 -2024) aims to determine the efficacy of the BCP in Sydney, Australia – particularly its relevance and place in the education of children from low socio-economic backgrounds.

The trial is taking place at Chullora P/S which is a primary school with around 340 students located 15 km west of Sydney in the Canterbury-Bankstown local government area. The school has a partnership with the Bill Crews Foundation which supports children with low literacy skills to achieve better educational and social outcomes

Chullora P/S caters to the needs of a low socioeconomic status, high non-English speaking background community. It scores in the 25th percentile of the Index of Community Socio-educational Advantage (ICSEA) - a scale of socio-educational advantage that is computed for each school.

The trial of the BCP began at the beginning of the 4th term of the school year. Four Kindergarten children were identified as being appropriate for the trial by the class teachers and confirmed through the BC evaluation assessment.

While the aim of the trial is to determine the program's effectiveness as an approach to supporting the language and educational – particularly literacy-based outcomes of targeted learners, it also serves as a pilot for determining a strategy for implementation.