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Metro Central Training: Western Cape Department of Education 2013

Saturday, October 12, 2013 - 08:30

Target Group: Grade R, Grade 1, and Learning Support Teachers

Number of participants: 30

Dates: 5 + 8 +10 + 12 October 2013

Note: Training is open to teachers from Metro Central only.

For more information: Contact Michelle Lothian (see email address below).


See teacher evaluation of training below.

See teacher feedback below.

It was a weekend to remember… I had enough time to make plans for things at home. Thank you, it was a joy to listen to someone so passionate about his work.

Die Bron Primary School: Visit 1

This workshop is one of the most beneficial workshops I have attended. The trainer’s presentation style was warm, easy to follow and understand. I like that he included practical activities, examples and demonstrations.

Metro Central: Training, October 2014

I love the programme. I was not aware of how to introduce a concept … . If I could reverse my years in teaching, I bet I would have produced mathematicians, scientists and doctors.

Metro Central Teacher Comment (July, 2013)

'I can actually see results from using some of the ideas I got during the training.'


Central Training 2012

If you understand the basic concepts you will have a better understanding of more complex concepts.


Metro Central, October 2013

The training was very effective and informative … and gave us insight into how to teach and develop language. I wish there could be more of such training to develop ourselves further.

Metro South Education District: Teacher Training (February, 2014)