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Durbanville Schools Foundation: Training Session 1 (January 2024)

Tuesday, January 23, 2024 - 14:30
Wednesday, January 24, 2024 - 14:30

Training Session 1: Colour

The first set of training sessions is scheduled at the start of the 1st term.

The teachers will be exposed to the BCP and shown how to start to mediate the first conceptual domains.

They will be supported inside their classes with the implementation of the programme after the training sessions.


Details of the first set of training sessions:-

Date: 23rd + 24th Jan 2024

Time: 14:30- 16:30

Venue: To be decided


Letters will be sent to all project schools inviting them to the training session and providing them with additional training information.


For more information, please see the contact details below.

Training was out of this world. I would definitely recommend this training to everyone ...

Christel House Training, July 2014

The Basic Concepts Programme is basically the same as Vygotsky's Zone of Proximal Development. It is a way of teaching… it gives individuals a way to structure their thinking and reasoning. 

Mitchell's Plain Primary School, November 2015

I love the programme. I was not aware of how to introduce a concept … . If I could reverse my years in teaching, I bet I would have produced mathematicians, scientists and doctors.

Metro Central Teacher Comment (July, 2013)

I was very happy about my development on this course… often as teachers we do not pay attention to detail, but because of Basic Concepts I was aware of the lack of language use in my class. I am now using a different approach with my learners and being aware of the small details that make a big change in the way I teach and learners learn. Thank you for this eye opening course.

Schools Improvement Initiative, UCT (June 2013)

'I can actually see results from using some of the ideas I got during the training.'


Central Training 2012

Very informative, well presented, engaging, coherent and thought provoking.

Metro South Training, Western Cape Education Department, 2015