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Die Bron Primary School, Stanford

Stanford, Western Cape

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  • Die Bron
    Die Bron Primary School, Stanford, Western Cape, South Africa
  • Die Bron
    Die Bron Primary School, Stanford, Western Cape, South Africa

It is a method of teaching…to establish the basic foundations or building blocks in order for children to make sense of the environment around them.  

What I understand about the Basic Concepts Programme is that it is very useful in all subjects. I must implement it in every lesson. I must also try to be as accurate and precise as possible when teaching.

It was a weekend to remember… I had enough time to make plans for things at home. Thank you, it was a joy to listen to someone so passionate about his work.

Project Details
Start Date: 
2016 to 2017
No. of Learners: 
No. of Teachers: 
13 and 6 volunteers
No. of Sites: 
Grade Level(s): 
Grade R to Grade 4
Area of Intervention: 
Stanford, Western Cape


The project is located in Standford, a small riverside settlement in the Overberg District Municipality of the Western Cape province of South Africa.

The project aims to train the Foundation Phase educators at Die Bron Primary School as well as volunteers from the Star Literacy Project in the town.

Die Bron Primary School caters to the children of the working class and unemployed in the onderdorp of the village.

It is envisaged that the voluteers from the Star Literacy Project who work at the school will continue their intervention work with learners as well as strengthen their collaboration with the teachers at the school.

The BCP will be used as an overarching approach to guide teaching and learning interventions in the Foundation Phase at the school.

The training process is spread out over a period of approximately one year to allow for the integration of learning in the classrooms.


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