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Namaqua District: Project Results

Final delayed data has been gathered.

The final results were gathered from Grade 1 learners in 9 randomly selected schools out of 23 project schools (n=181).

The learners who participated in the BCP in Grade R in 2011 were tested at the end of Grade 1 in 2012.  These results were compared with those of the baseline sample  of learners (n=220) who were in Grade 1 at the same schools in 2010.

The following results are from two of the three tests administered.

Word Knowledge:

The BCP learners had almost doubled their word knowledge (increase of 64%) compared with learners in the baseline sample.


The numeracy scores for the BCP learners were above grade level for subtraction and slightly below grade level for addition.


Based on the project results it was found that 54% of the intervention learners were functioning on the level of an average to high performing Grade 1 learner in South Africa. This was in contrast to the baseline group where only 20% of the learners were functioning on this level.


See the full project evaluation report below


  • Steinkopf, Ferdinand Brecher Primary