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Kwena Basin Extension Project: Exploratory Visit (April 2024)

Exploratory Visit

During the visit on April 8th and 9th, we focused on the two pilot/lead schools in the project:

  1. Kwena Basin Combined
  2. Ukwezi Primary School

We conducted meetings and visited classes with prospective teachers. They were fully briefed about the project and its potential beneficial impact on teaching and learning development at the project sites. You can view the project presentation below.

We were encouraged by the very positive response from both schools and their commitment to the project. See the letters below.

The visit also included a meeting with Emakhazeni circuit officials and the Circuit Manager. We are pleased to have received their full support, as reflected in the letter below.

We are looking forward to transitioning from the exploratory phase to the preparatory and implementation phases in 2025.

The succesful implementation of the introductory phase would enable an extension to the rest of the primary schools in the circuit - see docs below.