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Durbanville Schools Foundation: Training Sessions for Size (May 2024)

Training & Mentoring Sessions for Size

The third set of training sessions was sucessfully run for this new cohort of Foundation Phase teachers in Metro North.

The training sessions were immediately followed up by class visits at each of the project schools.

Details of the second set of training sessions:-

Date: 07th + 08th May 2024

Time: 14:00- 16:00

Venue: Alpha Primary School, Durbanville


Findings from the third set of training sessions:-

Attendance at session 2a: 70% (17 out of 23)

Attendance at session 2b: 70% (17 out of 23)

There were several teachers who could not attend the sessions, but who did send apologies for not being able to attend. 8 teachers were able to attend at least one session with only two teachers that did not attend either session.


92% of teachers found the content of the training very to highly beneficial, while one teacher rated the training average.

83% of the teachers expressed high levels of interest in the BCP, while two teachers expressed an average interest.

Verbatim comments from the training:-

'I think you are doing an excellent job. I want to express my appreciation for training tired teachers and still be so positive. Thank you Dotor Benjamin.'

'Thank you Louis that you are so passionate about this program. Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us.'

'I like the way u present the training. Its always fun. U make us excited to do it in class.'

'I find the training interesting and I know this will help the children.'


Findings from mentoring visits: -

  • Demonstration lessons were run by teachers at all schools while being observed by their colleagues;
  • The teachers who demonstrated during this round of visits were very well prepared and skillfully demonstrated the first few steps;
  • It was notable that many of the learners could express themselves relatively well and with confidence;
  • The teachers at the schools all showed an interest in the programme;