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Meet Your BCP Fieldworker: Michele Lothian

Michele Lothian tells us about her role in the BCP

I am a Learning Support Advisor at Metropole Central Education District. I have been working with Dr Louis Benjamin for the last ten years.

We first trained the Learning Support teachers to use the programme and I saw the difference it made in their understanding of teaching and learning. The children they worked with developed their cognitive skills and became more organized. The learners’ language skills improved and their ability to reason and problem solving skills improved.

I believe that we need to give children the opportunity to develop their potential. The Basic Concepts Programme has given me the ability to help to do this. I have seen the difference this programme has made to the lives of many children.

We are now training Grade 1 and some Grade R teachers. The teachers find that the learners in Grade 1 with barriers benefit from the programme. The learners become more focused and the intervention programme supports and motivates the learners to learn.

Grade R teachers find that the learners language of learning develop to a level that they find learning to read and tell stories easy. I have seen teachers change their teaching approach completely. Meditational teaching becomes part of their daily teaching practice.

I would like to see all Grade R and 1 teachers trained and supported to use the Basic Concepts Programme on a regular basis. All children deserve the respect and positive influence that this programme brings. Learning and teaching becomes fun because all children can learn with the support of Basic Concepts.