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Red River Primary School, Manenberg: End of year report 2023

An End of Year Report, By Gill Brand

Learning Support Teacher & Basic Concepts Mediator and Trainer

Red River Primary School, nestled in Manenberg, Athlone, represents one of South Africa's many socially disadvantaged communities. Post-COVID, the challenges facing this area have intensified, with rampant gangsterism and drug addiction causing profound turmoil in the lives of its youth.

Amidst these adversities, the learners here confront daily obstacles that severely impede their learning journey. Ill-prepared for the educational environment, their academic performance suffers. Despite teachers' dedicated efforts, the multitude of challenges exacerbates learning gaps for some.

As a Learning Support Teacher, I've utilized the Basic Concepts Programme (BCP) when these struggling learners seek intervention. Conducting BCP sessions in small groups has proven to be their refuge. Within this safe space, they engage, focus, and dictate the pace of the session, tailored to their individual needs.

Encouraging feedback from class teachers highlights significant progress. These learners exhibit enhanced focus and participation, using newfound vocabulary with confidence. Consequently, there's a marked improvement in task completion and time spent on classroom activities. This newfound confidence and improved behavior positively impact classroom dynamics.

Teachers have recognized the program's impact and now advocate for training in the Basic Concepts Programme. Witnessing its transformative effect on learning, we eagerly anticipate establishing a BCP hub at Red River next year.