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Metro East Education District: BCs Introductory Session (May 2024)

Introductory Basic Concepts Session for Foundation Phase Teachers

(Basic Concepts Trainers: Michele Lothian and Aimee Chiat)

We are delighted to provide an update on the introductory session conducted for 110 novice teachers and district officials from Metro East.

During this session, the Basic Concepts Foundation (BCF) effectively communicated the significance of critical thinking, language development, basic concepts, and mediation strategies within the classroom setting.

The feedback from participating teachers vividly illustrates the session's impact:

  • "We learned practical techniques for implementing mediated learning in our classrooms, including using higher-order concepts such as colour to enhance focus, naming, identification, and application during lessons. The session also equipped us with effective questioning strategies and guidance on responding to learners."

  • "The emphasis on providing explicit instructions and understanding that learning progress is about guiding students in the right direction rather than mere correctness was enlightening. The session also highlighted the importance of adapting strategies to diverse classroom contexts."

  • "We gained insights into incorporating basic concepts into math lessons, utilizing mediated learning approaches, and understanding the role of the Basic Concepts Programme (BCP) within our teaching framework."

Additionally, over 90% of the participants expressed some to strong interest in further exploring Basic Concepts or undergoing training as Basic Concepts Mediators.

The Basic Concepts Foundation is committed to following up with Metro East to tailor our support and training initiatives to meet these expressed needs effectively.