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BCP Focus Schools: Fish Hoek Primary Update 1 (2024)

Fish Hoek Primary - Our first Focus School in the Western Cape!

(A report by Michele Lothian, lead field worker for Focus Schools in Metro South)

Fish Hoek Primary School became a focus school in 2023 by incorporating 8 Grade 1 second-language English learners into the BCP. The learners all progressed to Grade 2 in 2024, much to the delight of their teachers.

In 2024, a 4th year Foundation Phase student teacher joined the Basic Concepts Programme training in Durbanville. She then took on the task of teaching 4 Grade 1 learners using the BCP methodology. Despite her departure from the school in March 2024, the school has entrusted me with continuing the instruction of these Grade 1 learners.They have included 3 more Grade 1 learners that will be included in the BCP.

I will also be supporting 7 Grade 1 English speaking learners for ½ hour twice a week from April 2024. The Remedial teacher and Grade 1 lead teacher will be monitoring the progress of the learners. They have shown great interest in the BCP.