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BCP SupportNet

These support and networking meetings have a specific focus area, but are also guided by the needs of participants.

All are welcome to attend.

We encourage new as well as experienced mediators to attend as well as those who are interested in finding out more about the Basic Concepts Programme

Bring your concerns and questions and they will be answered.

The topics could include:-

  • Assistance with portfolios for the BCMLP short course

  • Mediated learning, group work, assessment, selection of learners for intervention

  • Planning and record keeping

  • Basic Concepts Teaching Model

  • New innovations and ideas

SupportNet Meetings are run in an informal way where participants are actively encouraged to assist each other.

SupportNet Meetings are run 3 times during the year. See docs below for more information about SupportNet 2016.

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This was a valuable SupportNet Meeting ... I engaged with other inspiring BCP mediators and learnt a lot from them.

Teacher Comments, March 2014

I found the meeting interesting. Question and answer approach – you learn from each other. If you have problems it is good to know you have support.

Teacher Comments, October 2013

This session came at the right time: Thank you everyone for energizing me and for all the brilliant ideas!!!

Teacher Comments, March 2014

Today I gained knowledge about the different types vocabulary used in the Session Planner.

Teacher Comments, October 2013

I enjoyed the session. Thank you for hearing what is happening on the ground level and giving us an opportunity to speak about our problems on the ground.

Teacher Comments, July 2014

Thank you. This support session has recharged my batteries especially after the formal assessments of my learners which left me very concerned.

Teacher Comments, March 2014

BCP SupportNet Events

14 March 2015
Join us at the first SupportNet meeting of the year!
27 September 2014
Join us at the last SupportNet meeting of the year.
26 July 2014
Join us at the next SupportNet meeting.
31 May 2014
Join us at the next SupportNet Meeting during the 2nd term.
29 March 2014
Join us at the first SupportNet Meeting of the year!
26 October 2013
Join us at the first SupportNet Meeting at the Cape Town Science Centre