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Reflections after Five Weeks of Basic Concepts Mediation

Rachel Thomson - Stanford University (August 30, 2017)

See link to the Revised Assignment for Educational Officials from the Northern Cape Department of Education below.

There is a saying that says learning does not end, and I have proven it right. It's never too late to learn new ideas and even a new career! I'm not a teacher by profession.

Test of Basic Concepts Knowledge

Test of Basic Concepts Knowledge Revised Version

The Basic Concepts Programme
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Thinking Maps

Carvalho, C. O. (2015). Mapas Pensantes® as a cognitive intervention resource for high school students. Master's thesis, Institute of Psychology.

Heroes of the Mind, Chrissie Ferreira de Carvalho

Heroes of the Mind

A Meta-Cognitive Programme

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Foundation Phase teachers become mediators of the Basic Concepts Programme