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A slide created by Marothodi Ntseane, Stanford University Intern, July-August 2018

Lara Biggs from Springbok Primary reflects on her experience of the Basic Concepts Programme

I am so grateful for Basic Concepts because it allowed me an entry point to public schools in South Africa.

Reflections after Five Weeks of Basic Concepts Mediation

Rachel Thomson - Stanford University (August 30, 2017)

See link to the Revised Assignment for Educational Officials from the Northern Cape Department of Education below.

There is a saying that says learning does not end, and I have proven it right. It's never too late to learn new ideas and even a new career! I'm not a teacher by profession.

Test of Basic Concepts Knowledge

Test of Basic Concepts Knowledge Revised Version

The Basic Concepts Programme
Downloadable brochures, PPoint slides and other information about the Basic Concepts Programme.
Thinking Maps

Carvalho, C. O. (2015). Mapas Pensantes® as a cognitive intervention resource for high school students. Master's thesis, Institute of Psychology.