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Fish Hoek Primary: Baseline Assessment

Baseline data for 8 Grade 1 learners at Fish Hoek Primary School

The learners were selected by the Grade 1 teachers for the programme because they needed to improve their English Language codes to be able to continue to Grade 2 in 2024

I assessed the learners on 19th July 2023 and found that they scored between 17 and 19 on the Test of Basic Concept Knowledge. The learners are between 7 and 8 years old and they speak English as a second language.

The learners were assessed using the Alphabetic Knowledge Assessment Tool. The results revealed that most learners demonstrated a reasonably good understanding of the alphabet, except for difficulties in reciting it.

They are very active learners and enjoy learning with the concrete material provided in the Basic Concept kit.

The teachers have commented that the learners have improved their English Language codes and will most probably be able to progress to Grade 2 in 2024.