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Namaqua Education District (Phase 2): Baseline Data 2

 Baseline Data: Set 2

A representative sample of Grade 1 learners was tested at the end of the first term in 2016 using the 'Test of Basic Concepts Knowledge' (Baseline Data: Set 1) and again at the end of the year using the 'Test of Word Knowledge' (Baseline Data: Set 2).

The current report will detail the results from the Test of Word Knowledge.


The test data of the baseline schools was relatively consistent on this test; that is, with the exception of the learners from Springbok Primary. The average score of learners from Springbok was 17,65 points higher than the other schools. Such a difference would equate to over 1 year of development.

63% of the learners scored between 0 – 32 words on the test. These scores indicate that there is a 1 to 2 year delay compared to learners from more advantaged schools.

For a full discussion of the results see the report below.