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Kwena Basin Education Trust: Teacher Reflections By Josephine Takawira, April 2017

There is a saying that says learning does not end, and I have proven it right. It's never too late to learn new ideas and even a new career! I'm not a teacher by profession. I did Business Studies and I never dreamed of becoming a teacher and especially not in the Foundation Phase. 

It has been a privilege and great honour for me to be part of Kwena Basin Basic Concepts Programme, and particularly because this was the year that I started teaching. I'm glad to say the project was my training ground and an eye opener.

Everything was new to me and I gained so much knowledge. It is very important to know how to introduce a concept to learners. Most of the time we blame our learners if they don't understand something, but we never reflect on how we teach.

I have learned that our presentation of the lesson is essential in order to engage the minds of our learners. It also helps to make the lesson interesting and learners become more aware of what is happening.                       

It was an amazing journey, and these concepts can also be applied at home for those who have children.

I learned that colours are not just colours. There is more to it. The colours, shapes, size, position, letters and numbers are woven into day to day living. We are surrounded by colours, shapes and position of things in our homes.                       

How do children learn? I learned that it is important for them to use their words and vocabulary.  They need to hear us talking to them every day.

I urge my colleagues  not to tire because they will soon start to see  some results. Let’s use the knowledge that we have acquired towards creating a better future for our learners. The outcomes might still be small but there is a light - our kids are starting to respond and to use their vocabulary to make sentences.